A wednesday (2008) PDVDRip
A city under seize. 5 bombs threatening to go off. The administration, in turn, turning all its resources up-side-down. We’ve seen this and a lot more in Hollywood. But, when you take this basic plot, add some very basic action to it, cast the most wonderful cast you could have, you have me arrested - not wanting to blink once.

There’s one scene where the person threatening to set-off bombs is very close to being caught. At that point, I was wondering how cool it’d be if he’s actually caught at this point, wonder how the story will move on. And at the very same time, I was sincerely hoping that he escapes. Just in case, his capture would mean that the movie is close to its end. I hadn’t even realized that it’s not even interval yet, that’s how much I was enjoying the thrill and the build-up.

Anupam Kher and Naseerudin Shah - truly a pleasure to see you on the screen together, sirs! That too in a thriller…


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